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Metro Atlanta Laminate Flooring Products

Laminate flooring products, or at least the majority of them, consist of different types of wood, in different states and layers, manufactured together, with the top layer consisting most often, in brands such as Pergo, of a picture of real hardwood grain of all types and stain colors. All then have one of several types of heavy duty finish on top. Laminate flooring products may even have the appearance of tile or marble. Most laminate flooring is extremely easy to maintain, requiring nothing more than a light damp mop and a good sweep. Many laminate flooring products, such as Pergo, are typically 3/8” thick, and consist mainly of small, highly compressed pieces and chips of wood such as pine in the mid-section of the product.

Some laminate flooring products however, are manufactured differently, with layers of solid wood in the middle, topped with another solid layer and a heavy duty finish. These products offer more flexibility, in that, in exchange for increased maintenance, you get more longevity. The grain in these products is not a picture, it is the actual wood grain of the top layer of wood. These products are thicker, typically 1/2” or more. They can be maintained through sanding, like a “normal” wood floor, although probably no more than twice in a lifetime. This can add up to 20 years to the life of a floor under good conditions.

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