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Metro Atlanta Vinyl Flooring Products

Linoleum flooring, or sheet vinyl, as many have come to know it, came into popularity in the 1970’s as an attractive, fairly resilient, and less expensive alternative to hard tile for the “wet” areas of the home. Out of the vinyl flooring products concept, however, has sprung another entirely new set of flooring styles available in both residential and commercial flooring applications.

Amtico, for example, is one of the brand names available with a line of vinyl flooring products making strong headway into the U.S. flooring market. One of the most popular is solid vinyl strips manufactured with the appearance of hardwood plank. Typically 1/8” in thickness, this product is very flexible, able to be used over wood or concrete, and highly resistant to moisture from above. It is also very durable, with industrial ratings for wear in most product lines. This feature, along with the flexibility, makes these products a favorite in high traffic areas such as kitchens, baths, and sunrooms. Such vinyl flooring products are also fast becoming popular in the commercial market, in applications such as hair salons.

Amtico and other manufacturers also produce solid vinyl flooringproducts with the look of marble and ceramic tile, in all shapes and sizes; products that offer the same flexibility and durability while keeping the cost lower than that of tile or even hardwood floors.

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